Shaadi Mubarak 10th September 2020

Kusum saying Preeti will always get the home feeling if you secure her, Buasa won’t come to sort the matter always. Buasa says you are right, mother gives a life to children, son can name the house to her. Kusum says Sumedh, just go and get the lawyer home, he will make the papers soon. Tarun says wait, why would I do that, its Rati and my house, why does mum need a share. Everyone looks at him. Kusum says you spoke the truth. Preeti says you could have at least lied, you think your mum will take a share in your house, you don’t know me.

Buasa says no need to say anything, its good I have come here and saw everything on my own, else I would have got bad feelings for you, I have seen what your son and daughter are doing for you, if son is like this, then mum should be with her daughter. She blesses Juhi and Preeti. Tarun leaves. Kusum asks Rati to manage her husband. Rati leaves. Preeti thanks Kusum for managing everything and her self esteem also. Kusum encourages her.

She says Tarun got a chance to get sense, what happened today, did you get a job. Preeti says no. Kusum says its fine. She asks Priyanka if she got a job. Priyanka says yes. Everyone gets happy. Kusum hugs her and is very happy. Priyanka thinks mum is happy, but I feel she loves Astha and Kajal more. Its morning, Kusum goes to open the door. She gets surprised seeing KT. Mera piya….plays….

He flirts with her. She asks whom do you want to meet. He says Preeti. She says who is Preeti, its just me here, your fan Kusum. He says Rati told me that she is here, sorry. Preeti comes and says you…. KT says you…. Kusum says oh, Preeti. KT says I had come to talk to you. Kusum welcomes him. Preeti thinks why did he come here, I feel tensed. KT meets the family. Kusum asks will you have sweets. KT says no need.

Kusum says you eat the sweets, you have eaten sweets made by strangers, I have seen your video. He agrees. She tells his film lines and kisses his hand. KT smiles. He eats the laddoos. He says I wanted to talk to Preeti. He says whatever you told me yesterday. She thinks he has come to scold me. She says I vented someone’s anger on you. Kusum asks what, you vented anger on KT, how, say sorry. Preeti says sorry KT, forget it. He says I can’t forget it, your words have entered my heart. Kusum asks what did you say. KT says her words have changed my life, I couldn’t get sleep at night and came here to ask her, I can’t wait more.

He asks will you become my partner. Preeti asks what. He says business partner, you are wasting talents in front of others, you have talents and right to do something big, so I got this offer, if you say yes, our wedding planners new company will begin. Everyone smiles. He says I heard your royal idea yesterday, I wish you came in my life before, I would have asked you to write my film’s scenes, think, your talent, my money and contacts, it will do good, we can open a good wedding planning company, tell me, will you work with me.

Ik tara….plays… He says you can say you are honoured, its an honour for me, I m thankful. Kusum says I will tell from her side. Preeti says we will discuss and tell you. KT says you don’t believe it, we will be equal after becoming partners. He says I think she is feeling it as a dream. Kusum says I also feel so. KT says pinch her so that she knows the reality is beautiful than dream. He asks shall I get papers. Preeti says give me some time to think. KT says sure, take your time, I m ready to think. Kusum asks shall I get matar samose for you. KT says great, you know me well. She asks Sumedh to get sweets. Preeti thinks I don’t want to become his partner, what to do.

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